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Shawn Thomas

Touring and Scheduling Information

Shawn Thomas - The Ministry of Aaron's Rainbow Project (ARP)
- Guest Speaker, Worship Leader, Workshops and Concerts 

A note directly from Shawn:

The first questions asked about scheduling a concert or event are usually "How much does it cost?" or "What are your fees and requirements?" The short answer is, "Nothing, and no requirements." I know that seems crazy, but here's the deal...

I'm grateful to have had the opportunity over several years to visit the many churches and groups that have been so supportive of this ministry. No matter the background, denomination, or affiliation I've found two things to be true and constant: Simpler is better, and trust is part of ministry. The last thing a pastor or church leader needs to deal with is a contract, and my intention in visiting a church or group is to begin a relationship in ministry, not in business. Every and any opportunity to be a guest in ministry is one for which I am thankful. I'm also very thankful and humbled by the generousity and support that has been freely given over the years.

To continue the relationships formed and to begin new ones, simple communication through emails and phone calls will serve as a good faith agreement. Consider it an "electronic hand-shake" between trusted parties.

In the past, financial support for this ministry has been provided in one of two ways: love offerings and/or honorariums.

-- If a group/church chooses to provide a love offering, there is no minimum "guarantee" or amount required.

-- If a specific honorarium is preferred, such generousity is gratefully received, and the amount is left up to the host according to their budget and resources.

If appropriate, I would like to have CDs and product available for purchase at the event in a location that is easily seen and approachable.

Additional support can be given and is gratefully received in the form of:

-- Assistance with meals and housing (including staying in a "host home" to save on hotel costs).

-- Assistance in part or whole with travel expenses.

I am grateful for your consideration, and I consider the possibility of being your guest as an affirmation and an honor. Please feel free to share concerns or questions candidly.

In Christ,

Shawn Thomas

For more info and to discuss options and schedule, contact Shawn directly: or (561) 635-5052.

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