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What is Worship Training?

I wish there were a better term, because "training" and "worship" just seem like an awkward combination of words. But after visiting churches for the past 18 years in the US and Canada, my heart has grown toward simply wanting to help and assist churches with ideas and concepts that come easy to me, but often seem complex and confusing to church leaders. Things like media/projection, sound/video, and websites/social media can frustrate the most easy going person, and then topics like music theory, instrument/vocal techniques, and worship planning can seem intimidating and overwhelming.

I want to offer you assistance in whatever area is presenting you a challenge so that not only do you get to let go of the stress, but you get to bring your best to God in worship. Listed below are just some of the areas that we can look at together.

Praise Teams
Reading Music/Songwriting
Website/Social Media
Team Building
Worship planning
Working with Volunteers

Let Me Help You

I love working with people, and whether you or your team are brand new at this, or even if you've pretty much got it down but just have a few questions, I truly want to be of service to you in any way I can.

Colossians 3:17 says, "...whatever you do in word or deed, do it all [or 'do everything'] in the name of the Lord Jesus..." That's my touchstone scripture for leading worship. Whether it's setting lights, or plugging in guitars, or programming software, or learning a new technique - the purpose is always to do it in the name of Jesus. And in doing something for Jesus, we want to bring our best! - not just our left-over, and never winging it. We can never bring perfection, so we leave that to God in Christ, but I do believe we are called to bring our best.

So How Does This Work?

Let's chat first!
Give me a call or send me an email and tell me about your church and what challenges you're facing in any of these areas. Once we communicate more about your needs, I can provide quotes and options to you. I'm happy to come visit you, (if travel is possible) based on a love offering rather than a fee or charge. Other situations may call for a more involved project such as recording or website building.

Thank you for the opportunity to work with your worship ministry team and family. I look forward to the possibilities! In Christ, Shawn.
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